COVID-19 Update

On Monday, May 11th Governor Gregg Abbott mandated that 100% nursing facility staff and residents be proactively tested for COVID 19. These testing dates and times will be set by our local health authority. You can find updates about proactive testing under the News tab on our website. We are following all guidelines and recommendations from the CDC, CMS, and other leading health officials. You can read more about our infection control practices in our management company’s open letter.

Please review our response to frequently asked questions below.

When will testing take place?

Testing dates and times will be scheduled by our local health authority. Once they have set these dates and times, we will post an update on our website under the News tab on our website.

Who will be tested?

Governor Abbott mandated that all residents and all staff be tested. This testing is limited to only those associated with nursing homes. If you feel you need to be tested, please contact your local health authority.

When can results be expected?

We have been told to expect results 5-7 days after testing.

How will results be shared?

When we receive the results from our local health department, we will share these with the affected individual. Residents will be notified in person; their emergency contacts will be notified by phone. Staff will also be notified by phone. General, public updates will be posted on the News tab on our facility’s website.

What about new admissions after the testing date?

All of our new admissions are placed on special precautions for 14 days. During their “introductory period” we screen them for symptoms, if they meet screening criteria, they will be tested. As an additional precaution, staff wears supplementary personal protective equipment when they interact with these new admissions.

The goal for these tests is to identify people who test positive so that we can take all necessary precautions and separate active cases from those who test negative. Not all residents who test positive develop symptoms. Residents who test negative could develop symptoms and test positive at a later time.

Please feel free to call our facility at any time. We are always available to connect you to your loved one or to answer any questions you may have.

Download our Nursing Facility Testing Response

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