Covid-19 Facility Update 7/22/2020

All resident cases have completely been resolved. Strict infection control protocols remain in place at the facility. We intend to continue to closely monitor the health of all residents and staff.

We continue to follow all recommendations from CDC, CMS, and other leading health officials. These updated precautions now allow for gatherings of small, socially distanced group gatherings. In accordance with Texas Health and Human Services regulations, these groups will be no larger than 10 persons total- counting both staff and residents. Even during these activities and meals residents will still practice social distancing.

All staff and residents are wearing appropriate personal protective equipment, per CDC guidelines. All staff continue to be screened upon arrival for their shifts.

We are proud to see how effective our infection control protocols have been and we will continue to be diligent with these procedures. Unfortunately, at this time we are still not accepting visitors, but we will work with you to connect you with your loved one digitally.

Questions and concerns can be answered by our Administrator, Alana Roberson at (409) 787-5300.

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