COVID 19 Facility Update


Hillside Nursing and Rehabilitation Update on COVID-19 Cases Associated with the Facility. We have had a resident test positive for COVID-19 after seeking care outside of our facility.

We are working closely with the local health authority to determine a testing plan and investigate the full spread of the outbreak.

Residents, families, and staff have all been notified of this new positive case by phone, letter, or email.

Staff and residents are wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), per Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines.

All residents are having their temperatures checked and are being screened for COVID-19 related symptoms three times per day.

Staff are screened upon arrival for their shift. They answer a series of questions about contact and travel, then a designated team member takes and records their temperature. This staff screening log is submitted to facility administration, daily.

Facility team members have educated residents on social distancing practices, infection control processes, and provided information on how to self-monitor and report symptoms to a nursing team member.

We’ve provided extensive staff education. We have held staff in-services to ensure that they are aware of risk factors, including signs and symptoms of COVID-19. We have held training on proper infection control protocol including: regular handwashing, correct usage and disposal of PPE, and social distancing practices.

As much as is possible, staff members only work on their assigned hallway with that hall’s specific residents. This practice is known as consistent assignment and it helps to limit the amount of people each resident interacts with.

We have enhanced disinfection and housekeeping measures. We are regularly cleaning high touchpoint and resident use areas. Housekeeping team members have been provided additional, extensive training on proper disinfecting techniques, disposal of trash, and cleaning of linens.

Highly nutritious meals are provided in the resident’s room. Residents continue to enjoy engaging activities; however, all of these are being done one-on-one in their rooms.

Our Medical Director and state survey agencies have all been notified of the positive case and the actions being taken. We have a dedicated infection preventionist that is ensuring we are complying with all recommended procedures. We are optimistic that with all of these measures in place the outbreak will be contained.

Patient privacy is of the utmost importance. We will not disclose the name of any patients that have tested positive, nor will we disclose the name of any persons under investigation.

Media questions should be directed to the local health authority, as all of our policies are within the scope of their guidance.

On May 11th Governor Gregg Abbott mandated that 100% nursing facility staff and residents be proactively tested for COVID-19. That testing took place at Hillside on May 21st. Results from that testing showed all residents and staff, at the time, were negative. Residents and families were all personally notified of their results.

During this time, we have designated 3 phases of protocols. Phase 1 began on March 13th when President Donald Trump declared a national state of emergency for the novel coronavirus disease. Some actions taken then include, restricting visitation and practicing social distancing within the facility. When we are made aware of a suspected case, we move to Phase 2 level precautions. These precautions last until we are informed of conclusive test results.

In the event that anyone connected to our facility tests positive, we escalate to Phase 3 precautions. Which we are currently under now.

We want to provide accurate information in a transparent way. Regular updates will be posted on the News tab of our website. We will post statements there weekly or as needed. These official statements will provide the most factual, reliable information.

Questions and concerns can be answered by our Administrator, Alana Roberson at (409) 787-5300.

EDIT: An earlier version of this document stated that a staff member had tested positive, this has been corrected to reflect that a resident tested positive while seeking care outside of the facility.

Download a Copy of the Statement Here

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