Hillside Nursing & Rehabilitation

Hillside Nursing & Rehabilitation seeks to provide a compassionate, comfortable and rewarding experience not only for the patients, but for their families, our associates and all who are working hard to make this facility the premier healthcare provider in the area. Our centralized, quiet location provides an attractive and peaceful setting with close proximity to hospitals, visitor lodging, shopping and the entertainment needs of our patients.

Hillside Nursing & Rehabilitation offers a wide range of services and amenities to help your loved ones feel more at home. We work hard to ensure that each person’s individual needs will be met based on our years of experience in assisting seniors throughout the state of Texas. Everything from entertainment rooms to a full-service dining facility is only a part of our home.

The Atrium of Bellmead

A “person” centered nursing and rehabilitation center that offers a beautiful and ideal environment to adapt to your needs and lifestyle. From the moment you step foot in our atrium you will notice the culture change and feel you have arrived at your destination. You may only need a short stay to recover from a hospitalization and return home. If this is the case, you will find more than you need to recover and actually enjoy your stay at the same time. Or, you may be looking for a place to call home that will allow you to live life to the fullest, get quality nursing care, and continue with the lifestyle you have grown accustomed to. So we invite you to come personally tour or take our virtual tour. I’m sure you will agree this is not your typical nursing home or rehabilitation center.

Rock Creek Health and Rehabilitation

Rock Creek Health and Rehabilitation provides a compassionate, comfortable and rewarding experience not only for the patients who choose us, but for their families, our associates and all who help make our facility the premier healthcare provider in our area. Our centralized, quite location provides an attractive and peaceful setting with close proximity to hospital, visitor lodging, shopping and the entertainment needs of our patients. Our skilled nursing home is conveniently located in